cr0w - Spyware remover

cr0w - Spyware remover - Published

Detects and removes spywares or suspicious applications


Screenshots: Welcome In progress Found

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GOG.COM Games and reviews dataset

Needed something scrapped? I am available for hire -



OBD II Simulator Icon

OBD II Simulator - Published

OBD II Simulator for faster, less error-prone development


Screenshots: ELM OBD DTC

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Elementary Speed - Published

Shows your current movement speed and position on map


Screenshots: Elementary Speed

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Elementary USB Camera - Published

Allows you to connect an USB Camera to your smartphone, support various image corrections like brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness


Screenshots: Elementary USB Camera

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Elementary USB Camera PRO Elementary USB Camera PRO with photo taking and video recording Download Elementary USB Camera PRO

Project DRVE - Frozen

Android application designed to enhance older cars


Screenshots: Dashboard OBD2 CT

Project SPR - Terminated

A side scrolling sci-fi shooter


Screenshots: In game In game In game Lobby Inventory

OBD II Simulator Icon is Favicon by Nhor Phai from - CC 3.0 BY